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About Us

Sanitary equipment is the equipment in the bathroom, toilet serving people to solve daily hygiene needs. For example: toilet, washbasin, shower, Lavabo faucet, dishwasher, … and other accessories.

Not only essential for every home, sanitary equipment is also used everywhere such as schools, companies, factories, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, resorts, entertainment areas, shopping centers. shopping, … moreover, the public toilets.


BELLO is an Italian brand of sanitary wares, manufactured on modern technology lines.

And now sanitary ware stores have taken the throne because of the convenience and variety of products they offer customers. Accompanying that is the combo of sanitary equipment with extremely low prices compared to the amount spent for each toilet or toilet item. segment, suitable for many different usage needs and affordability of customers. For popular toilets only need low segments, suitable for both money and use. But for cities with increasing requirements for sanitary equipment, people often look for high-end sanitary equipment such as smart toilets, automatic Lavabo faucets, smart hand dryers, plant showers. Automatic shower temperature control, urinal sensor,…. Or the collection of sanitary equipment with luxurious and classic beauty, then sanitary equipment is no longer simply a daily cleaning need, but it also contributes to warmly decorate the space of the house. their houses.


Vision and mission

BELLO mainly distributes toilets, bath tubs and lipsticks for the needs of families and hotels. SANITARY EQUIPMENT – BATHROOM – BELLO, with many years entering the Vietnamese market, has been constantly developing in product quality, service capacity and especially in the essential distribution market. sanitary equipment, to become a leading reputable sanitary ware supplier.

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